"As a business owner, athlete, wife and busy mom of four I wanted to integrate more plant based food into our weekly menu not only to decrease my own consumption of animal products but also because my three daughters were expressing to me their own desire to stop eating meat. I wanted to ensure I wasn’t paying more for groceries and wasn’t increasing the amount of time it was taking to plan and prepare meals each day. I approached Jen to ask for some guidance on making these changes as easy and quick as possible but still allowing me to put healthy and delicious meals on the table that everyone will enjoy! 

My husband loves his meat but has been really enjoying the new recipes and me and the kids are happy that we have been able to eat less meat and dairy while still looking forward to our weekly meals. Also with my rigorous workout schedule I needed to ensure I was preparing nutritionally satisfying meals that would continue to meet the physical demands of my workouts which I was able to do.

 I was looking for quick and efficient ways to help my family become more plant based and Jen was able to help provide me with information that helped me grocery shop differently , prep my pantry and gave me recipes to start with that got us all off on the right foot!"

Kirsten H, Maple Ridge BC ( Owner of Now or Never Bootcamps)

Jen MacLean