Brown rice sushi salad with edamame, avocado, cucumber and rice wine sesame vinaigrette

The Plant-Based Kickstarter Package: 

  • Discuss the plant-based alternatives to use in place of meat, dairy, butter and eggs

  • Put together a list of simple plant-based ingredients to keep in the fridge and pantry so that a “veganized” meal is never far away

  • Discuss your grocery budget to ensure we stay within your chosen parameters

  • Make a game plan for grocery shopping to familiarize yourself with brands, locations, and availability of more plant-based food options

  • Create a personalized meal plan of family favourites and new inspirations

  • Cook together one-on-one to prepare a select few of these meals or all of meals in advance

  • Have you and your family enjoying delicious plant-based meals where no one will be missing the animal products!

Rates start at $65 per/hr and up, package can be customized as required.

There are SO many options available and once you get the hang of plant-based cooking it is so much easier than cooking with animal products. Plant based eating is not about what you are giving up. Our meals are put together so quickly, so simply, while having exceptional nutritional content and most importantly - huge flavour!

It is not more expensive as you will be taking the $ you are currently spending on animal products and be applying it to plant based alternatives.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you. 

Let’s sit down, figure out what you and your family's favourites are, and how we can “veganize” them to satisfy everyone’s tastes.