Thai yellow curry with roasted eggplant, tofu, pineapple, sugar peas

Hi! I'm Jen!

How did this way of eating and this way of life become my passion?


I went from eating meat to being pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish and seafood) then dropped dairy, then dropped eggs, then dropped the fish and seafood. My journey to this point was fuelled by information: the more I read on animal agriculture with regard to treatments of animals in addition to the role of animal agriculture on our health and our environment made it very clear that I could no longer support this industry. At the same time as I was transitioning away from animals products, I was also starting to take note of how different I felt physically:

I no longer had the digestive issues that had plagued me most of my life, I was able to sleep better which I struggled with most of my life, I was able to better manage my anxiety and I had much more energy than I can remember. I was also able to become leaner than I was prior to eating a plant-based diet but still enjoy large portions, desserts and many tasty snacks and treats. Aside from the physiological effects of eating this way I also feel a greater sense of purpose and peace of mind and feel as though I am leaving a much lighter footprint on the earth than I was before.

As I'm a very active person participating in outdoor bootcamps 4 x per week, as well as running, spin classes and weight training, I need to ensure I provide my body with proper fuel and nutrients to be able to recover from my workouts in the morning and still have enough energy to keep up with my toddler for the rest of the day!


My husband had the same journey as me and in August 2015 completed his second Ironman entirely plant-based while I, eight months pregnant cheered him on. I had a very easy vegan pregnancy ensuring I was getting all my essential nutrients for the baby and now more than two years later am chasing around a vivacious vegan 2-year-old who measures in the 90th percentile for height and is a solid 34 lbs.

I grew up in the Greater Vancouver area spending all summer every summer at our cabin on the west coast. Always on the beach, out exploring in the forest or in the boat or fishing, pulling crab and prawn traps.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Communications from Simon Fraser University and went on to complete a Certificate in Marketing Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology. I then worked for just over a year with a vitamin supplement company and then spent the next 11 years in sales and client services at the head office for a remote luxury fishing resort company with properties in Haida Gwaii. At the time of my departure I was Vice President of Sales and Client Services. 

Though I am not a nutritionist I've become self educated through my own journey to become vegan and specifically through my own vegan pregnancy and raising a vegan child.

Education & Experience