Collard wraps with tofu, assorted veg & Thai peanut sauce

Want to start eating plant-based but aren't sure how?

Are you considering having meatless Mondays? Do you want to reduce the amount of meat/dairy/eggs consumed in your household? Or are you looking to transition to a fully plant-diet but can't get your head around how you would do it? Getting you started on the right path, planning meals that are easy and delicious and creating simple and budget-conscious shopping lists is what we do! 

The beauty of living where we do in this day and age is having access to a diverse range of products which allow for many simple substitutions for animal products and therefore easy, quick and delicious meal ideas! You can still eat your favourite meals, we will just create the plant-based version and keep all the flavour!

Eating like this is NOT more expensive, it's NOT more work, you just need some basic principles and a new approach and you will be off to the races. 

Where do we start?

There are SO many options available and once you get the hang of plant-based cooking it is so much easier than cooking with animal products. Our meals are put together so quickly, so simply, while having exceptional nutritional content and most importantly - huge flavour!

Don’t believe me? Let me show you.

Let’s sit down, figure out what you and your family's favourites are, and how we can “veganize” them to satisfy everyone’s tastes. We will:

  • Put together a list of simple plant-based ingredients to keep in the fridge and pantry so that a veganized meal is never far away

  • Discuss the plant-based alternatives to use in place of meat, dairy, butter and eggs

  • Make a game plan for grocery shopping to familiarize yourself with brands, locations, and availability of more plant-based food options

  • Create a personalized meal plan of family favourites and new inspirations

  • Cook together one-on-one to prepare a select few of these meals or all of meals in advance

  • Have you and your family enjoying delicious plant-based meals where no one will be missing the animal products!

Why Plant-Based?

I grew up in a family of great cooks and am a foodie through and through. I never want to have to sacrifice flavour and always want my family coming home to delicious aromas wafting through the house. I think what kept me away from eating plant-based for so long was a) I didn't have the information I do now about the practices involved in animal agriculture, the effects of saturated fat and cholesterol on our health and the impact of the consumption of animal products on our environment and b) I thought it would be so restricting, so limiting, so much work and what would I eat? Salad, salad and more salad? Luckily I could not have been more wrong.

There are many reasons to increase your consumption of plant-based foods:

Your health: Eating more plant-based foods and less animal products helps you significantly decrease your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol which are associated with lower rates of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The health of the environment: Reducing your animal product intake helps to decrease green house gas emissions, decrease methane gas and ammonia from animal agriculture. The less animals raised for food consumption the less dead zones in our oceans caused by animals waste and less deforestation leading to species extinction. Source

You are not supporting animal cruelty: Factory farming in today’s world means hundreds and thousands of animals living in horribly cramped conditions with very little space to move, no mental or emotional stimulus and are subject to abuse and fear during their short, sad lives before being transported to a slaughterhouse. Source

How does this help the animals? Corporations and grocery stores take note of your spending. When they see an increase in revenue from plant-based milks and alternative meat and cheese products and a reduction in regular dairy and meat, they will change their buying habits to accommodate.

You can decease your grocery spend: It doesn't have to be expensive to eat a whole foods plant-based diet, you just need to know the main staples to build upon and ensure these are always in your grocery cart. Source